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  Welcome! We hope your visit here at our website will provide information that will help you make decisions concerning the dental care you feel is best for you. We also want you to get to know us and our approach to your care. We promote comfort, function, beauty, and health and will partner with you. Today with all choices and marketing, it often seems overwhelming  trying decide “What is best for me?”. We do not try to sell you dental treatment. We belief in offering you choices whenever possible and we take  the time to explain the advantages and disadvantages of each . Quality and your trust in us is our ultimate goal.  



We recognize that everyone is unique, with different goals, objectives, and circumstances. Dental problems are like medical problems. If it hurts, it is often too late, or more serious. Cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes often give no warning. Dental problems like gum disease and occlusal disease (bite problems) worsen slowly often going undetected. Quality dental care uses a comprehensive approach paying attention to the little details that often mean the difference between losing teeth or keeping them a lifetime. Phasing treatment and making it affordable is usually necessary for most of our patients 


Our Services

Restorative Dentistry



In our historic small town we have numerous old homes, some needing restoration. Often people have missing and drifted teeth, bite problems with worn, chipped, or broken teeth, large leaking silver fillings, and gum disease. These types of problems require a detailed study and development of a plan for treatment to be successful long term, much like restoration of an old historic home. Just repairing a broken tooth with a crown or cap without addressing what caused the break, like a bad bite, will not correct the problem and often causes work to fail prematurely.  In Restorative Dentistry, we provide this long term plan approach often phasing treatment. We use combinations of crowns, bridges, implants, removable partial dentures, bite adjustments, protective bite appliances (nite guards and TMJ appliances) to accomplish the goal.

Healthy jaw muscles and joints are important in these cases and we have 26 years experience in treating TMJ and Craniofacial pain disorders. 

Cosmetic Dentistry


 Improving a smile requires careful analysis and an understanding of what you want to achieve. You also must understand what will be required of you and your options. Photographs of your smile, showing the lips, gums, and teeth before you have anything done, are absolutely necessary and part of this analysis. We have a much experience in providing cosmetic or esthetic dentistry using combinations of veneers, ceramic crowns, bleaching, and conservative tooth reshaping or recontouring. 

Dental Implants


 We have been doing implant dentistry for over 30 years and have implants in that are that old. We work as a team with our implant surgeons and lab technicians to plan, place, and then build fix (like teeth) crowns and bridges or removable partial dentures on our implants. Dr. Williams also places some of his own implants from start to completion. Though implants are very successful, they are not for everyone in every situation. A careful study analysis of your situation must often be performed when considering if it is right for you. The amount of bone, your bite, and overall health must be studied. 

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