Everyone is unique, with different goals, objectives, and circumstances in their lives.  
Dental problems are like medical problems and do affect our health.  
If something hurts, it is often too late, or more serious.  Cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes often give no warning.  Dental problems like gum disease, decay, and occlusal disease (bite problems) worsen slowly often going undetected. Quality dental care should use a comprehensive approach paying attention to the details that often mean the difference between losing teeth or keeping them a lifetime.  Phasing treatment and making it affordable in today's economy is a concern for most patients and their families.

Restorative Dentistry:
In our historic small town we have numerous old homes continually requiring restoration and maintenance.  We often see missing and drifted teeth, bite problems with worn, chipped, or broken teeth, large leaking silver fillings,
and gum disease.  These types of problems require a detailed study and development of a plan for treatment to be sucessful long term,
much like restoration of an old historic home.  Just repairing the broken tooth with a crown (cap) without addressing what caused the break, like a bad bite, often will not correct the problem.  This can cause work to fail prematurely.  In Restorative Dentistry, we provide this long term planned approach often phasing treatment.  We use combinations of crowns, bridges, implants, removable partial dentures, bite adjustments, protective bite appliances (night guards and TMJ appliances) when appropriate to accomplish the goals.  Healthy comfortable jaw muscles and joints are important in these cases.

Cosmetic Dentistry:
Improving the smile requires careful analysis and an understanding of what you want to achieve.  You must understand what will be required of you and your options.  Photographs of your smile showing the lips, gums, and teeth before you do anything are absolutely necessary and part of this analysis.  Despite the current marketing, cosmetic dentistry is not new.  We use veneers, ceramic crowns, bleaching, and conservative tooth reshaping or recontouring or combinations of these to achieve results.  Selecting the right material and treatment and knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each is critical.  A thorough knowledge of occlusion (bite function) is a must for cosmetic work to remain looking good.  It must not just look pretty but hold up to chewing.

Implant Dentistry:
We have been doing implant dentistry for 23 years.  We work as a team with our implant surgeons and lab technicians to plan, place, and then build fixed ( like teeth) crowns and bridges or removable partial dentures on our implants.  Dr. Williams also places some of his own implants from beginning to completion.  Though implants have become very successful, they are not for everyone in any situation.  A careful analysis of your unique situation should be performed when considering if it is right for you.  The amount of bone, your bite, and overall health affect implant success.

General Dentistry:
This is what most patients think of when considering dental care: It consists of cleaning, fillings, single crowns, root canals, and gum treatments. Our goal is to regain or maintain health when gum disease or tooth decay is a problem and to stabilize the situation.  For many people, General Dentistry is all they want or need.  Having regular cleanings, monitoring problems like gum disease conservatively, and detecting decay early can make teeth last years longer if not a lifetime.
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