Photo Gallery

The dentistry in the following images was performed by Dr. Williams and his team of talented specialists and laboratory technicians. They show BEFORE conditions and AFTER treatment on actual patients and are used with their permission.
The position of the gums affects the appearance of the teeth.  A combination of direct veneers, crowns, and an implant were used on this full mouth restoration.
Orthodontics (braces) are used to properly position the teeth and the proper shape is achieved with veneers.
Cosmetic treatments often combine techniques like conservative reshaping of long teeth and veneers on short teeth.  Each patients needs are unique.
Improving cosmetics does not always require complex expensive treatments.  Very subtle smoothing and polishing of this patients own enamel makes these worn chipped teeth look years younger.
A missing tooth below allows the upper tooth to collapse. A dental implant and new crowns are used on the lower and simply reshaping the upper enamel levels the bite and restores properly aligned chewing surfaces.  
Complicated problems like gum disease and some hopeless teeth can often be phased or done in steps to make treatment affordable.  In this case the gum disease was treated then the lower restored with porcelain crowns and a removable partial denture with precision attachments.  On the upper provisional acrylic crowns (long term temporaries) were used that he will wear for a few years until ready to replace them with longer lasting  porcelain.  This allowed him to treat the worst teeth first, the lower in this case, and improve his smile.
Lower dentures are usually the most difficult denture for patients to wear.  Here a properly aligned upper denture, crowning a few lower teeth, and a precision lower partial denture replaces these old unsightly illfitting partial dentures.
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